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  • Tour into accessible travel and leisure Romania

    Romania is a land of wonders and there is no doubt about this. Nature, culture, traditions, rural authentic architecture, activities, all can be found within the borders of this amazing country. As Romanian infrastructure has improved significantly, including accessible tours and options for low mobility tourists needs and it carries on developing into an attractable manner, let’s step into...

    Tour into accessible travel and leisure Romania
  • Health retreats in Romania

    Health and Wellness retreats in Romania Water is health, water is wealth, water is wellness. When it comes to natural abundance, Romania seems a chosen land: salt, gold, oil and coal are the blissful and hidden resources of the Earth. Soil is the benefactor who makes grains grows. Mountains bear the heaviness of virgin forests. The deep woods hide the majority of wild animals population of Europe....

    Health retreats in Romania
  • Why you should visit Sibiu?

    Facts you might not have known about one of the most incredible cities of Transylvania! There are so many reasons to visit Sibiu for! The former 2007 European Cultural Capital is an ideal tourist destination as it has it all. On one hand, it is the nature surrounding it. The heights of Fagaras Mountains upon horizon seem to overlook over the faith and life of old historical citadel, while oppositely...

    Why you should visit Sibiu?