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Romania at a glance

  • Wheelchair accessible attractions and sights in Bucharest

    When it comes to travel, Bucharest remains one of the main tourism gates to Romania. The distinctive air of the city, a charming combination of “little Paris of East”, Balkan influence and modern architecture makes the Romania's capital into the place you want to be in. For today's article, we are here to help you with information about attractions and sights in Bucharest which are also...

    Wheelchair accessible attractions and sights in Bucharest
  • Tour into accessible travel and leisure Romania

    Romania is a land of wonders and there is no doubt about this. Nature, culture, traditions, rural authentic architecture, activities, all can be found within the borders of this amazing country. As Romanian infrastructure has improved significantly, including accessible tours and options for low mobility tourists needs and it carries on developing into an attractable manner, let’s step into...

    Tour into accessible travel and leisure Romania
  • Tour in Romania’s wines land

    Tourists might know less that Romania is an important international wine producer, being the 12th in the world and the 6th in Europe. We are not here to enchant Bacchus, but to speak about the special Romanian local grapes and the incredible wines we make. The bouquet of these amazing liqueurs is an experiential journey throughout Romania that involves all travellers’ senses: sight, smell, taste...

    Tour in Romania’s wines land
  • Undiscovered Transylvania - Hateg County

    Once upon a time, about the time that Earth was shaping up into mountains and rivers, there was volcanic land, inhabited by dwarf dinosaurs. Millions of years passed by and lava turned into amazing mountainous realm, inhabited by brave locals who worked, prayed and defeated this territory. Dacians was their name, Dacia was the country. Hateg County is the region in our story. Some voices say this is...

    Undiscovered Transylvania - Hateg County
  • Why you should visit Sibiu?

    Facts you might not have known about one of the most incredible cities of Transylvania! There are so many reasons to visit Sibiu for! The former 2007 European Cultural Capital is an ideal tourist destination as it has it all. On one hand, it is the nature surrounding it. The heights of Fagaras Mountains upon horizon seem to overlook over the faith and life of old historical citadel, while oppositely...

    Why you should visit Sibiu?
  • Travel to Bucharest

    Enjoy the city of joy! If you ever wondered why having a Bucharest city-break while travelling to Romania, the answer comes (also) from the very etymology of its name: Bucharest (Bucuresti in Romanian) literally means “city of joy”! Thus, your fun and enjoyable holiday is guaranteed in Bucharest by the name of the old city. Where from “Bucharest - City of Joy”? The most popular...

    Travel to Bucharest
  • The most beautiful roads in Romania

    There are many reasons to travel to a certain place, starting with cultural purpose, enjoying rural life, admiring incredible natural landscapes. When the road itself is a reason to travel, then you have a level of certainty that even the scenery around you is going to be delightful. Considering James Clarkson’s acclamation “this is better than Stelvio! This is the best road in the world!”...

    The most beautiful roads in Romania
  • Romanian National Culture Day

    Every year, Romanian culture is celebrated on January 15th, honoring the birth of Mihai Eminescu, Romanians and Moldavians’ national poet. It is difficult to explain why Eminescu is important for us, but on this day we want to show you few facets of Romanian culture. Cultural and ethnic diversity At the crossroads of East and West, Romanian unique identity is the result of ethnical and...

    Romanian National Culture Day
  • Why you should travel to rural Romania?

    Rural Transylvania, European Destination of Excellence! If you have ever wondered if you should travel to rural Transylvania or why rural Romania is so special, well, we have also a formal motivation besides the personal one: Marginimea Sibiului from Sibiu rural area is European Destination of Excellence for Tourism and Local Gastronomy in 2015! What is EDEN and why you should take it as referral...

    Why you should travel to rural Romania?
  • Why you should visit Brasov?

    Brasov is more than the Crown City (literally, since its German name is Kronstadt)  lying in a land of natural beauty, attractions and tourist activities. We are to speak a bit about ”the Crown”, but we will highlight top five other reasons for which you, the tourist, should visit this amazing county. Overwhelming nature Travelling from Bucharest, while reaching Sinaia with...

    Why you should visit Brasov?