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Romania at a glance

  • Winter traditions and greetings in Romania

    It is winter time over Romania. Through the curtain of white flakes, the shadows of snowy hills show the villages standing still. Only the wood-smelling smoke breaks into the serenity of the rural sky. Somewhere on the countryside, by the stove,  children gather together around the fireplace. Women of community weave large woolen-carpets. Logs burn easily with a crunching noise. It is story time,...

    Winter traditions and greetings in Romania
  • Vampires left Romania!

    Romania should be known for its amazing scenery, for its authentic rural life, for incredible roads, for the brave history, for the amalgamation of culture and spirit, but not for a country of blood sucking vampires.  If you asked us, “Cold Mountain” (the shootings of the film took place in Romania, hence the entire landscape it belongs here) is much more representative for Romania...

    Vampires left Romania!
  • Romanian Autumn Traditions

    In Romania autumn is a season that can be expressed in one word: wealth. As one travels through Romania can see beautiful hay stacks spread over the hills, fruit trees are beautiful coloured, fields are are covered with corn, vineyards are burden with the essence of future to be wine: grapes. Up, on the top of the hills, shepherds bring their flocks in the village, bringing their cheese goodies Having...

    Romanian Autumn Traditions
  • Healing and magical places in Romania

    Several spots in Romania are said to be protected by powerful, but also mysterious energies. Coincidentally or not, these places are historically connected with the ancient sacred places of Romanian ancestors: Geto- Dacian and their wise priests. The setting of these places is magnificent, and the peacefulness of the mountains is food for hurt souls. People leave these places calmer,...

    Healing and magical places in Romania