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  • Travel like a senior in Romania

    Romania is a fresh destination on the travel destination market from Europe and worldwide. It appeared on the travel maps after the 1989 Revolution, when the communist regime was removed and tourists began to include it more and more frequently on their travel lists in the recent years. Here are a few things you should know if you are travelling like a senior in Romania: Romania is a surprising...

    Travel like a senior in Romania
  • Surprising Romania through the eyes of an European flexpat

    Jan in a few words  Jan Hopman is working for a  company with headquarters based in Austria. He is Dutch, he lives in Austria and he currently works in Romania. He sees himself as a “flexpat”, as he worked longer periods in different countries and actually lived there. In the past, he also worked and lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Germany, in several jobs and different...

    Surprising Romania through the eyes of an European flexpat
  • Romania, the land of music

    Music is not just a sum of sounds that induce a certain state of joy, sadness, nostalgia, or longing. Music is an integral part of a country's culture. Whether we talk about the traditional music of a people, its modernist influences or about the rock, pop, house and blues projects, music is a statement of who we are, who we were, the way we evolved, what we have become, what we are heading for. Today...

    Romania, the land of music
  • Romanian National Culture Day

    Every year, Romanian culture is celebrated on January 15th, honoring the birth of Mihai Eminescu, Romanians and Moldavians’ national poet. It is difficult to explain why Eminescu is important for us, but on this day we want to show you few facets of Romanian culture. Cultural and ethnic diversity At the crossroads of East and West, Romanian unique identity is the result of ethnical and...

    Romanian National Culture Day
  • Winter traditions and greetings in Romania

    It is winter time over Romania. Through the curtain of white flakes, the shadows of snowy hills show the villages standing still. Only the wood-smelling smoke breaks into the serenity of the rural sky. Somewhere on the countryside, by the stove,  children gather together around the fireplace. Women of community weave large woolen-carpets. Logs burn easily with a crunching noise. It is story time,...

    Winter traditions and greetings in Romania
  • Vampires left Romania!

    Romania should be known for its amazing scenery, for its authentic rural life, for incredible roads, for the brave history, for the amalgamation of culture and spirit, but not for a country of blood sucking vampires.  If you asked us, “Cold Mountain” (the shootings of the film took place in Romania, hence the entire landscape it belongs here) is much more representative for Romania...

    Vampires left Romania!