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Romania, the land of music

Music is not just a sum of sounds that induce a certain state of joy, sadness, nostalgia, or longing. Music is an integral part of a country's culture. Whether we talk about the traditional music of a people, its modernist influences or about the rock, pop, house and blues projects, music is a statement of who we are, who we were, the way we evolved, what we have become, what we are heading for.

Today we propose an incursion in the Romanian music of all times, without the intention of exhausting the subject. Here are some musical recommendations in order to getting to know Romania also from this point of view, apart from the touristic attractions and the recommendations one can find in the travel guides.

Our suggestions include rhythms covering a few decades and they present both young singers, some of them known abroad (Inna), but also contemporary music projects mixed with Romanian folk music (Subcarpati) and even musicians who are no longer among us (Maria Tanase, Anda Calugareanu)). You will find traditional Romanian music integrated in blues rhythms (Nightloosers) or in electronic music, house and hip-hop, contemporary rock music (Cargo) or from the 70s (Phoenix). We have not refrained from proposing the redefined “manea”, a type of Balkan music questioned by the intellectual circles, but seen by today's young people as a musical experiment protesting against racism (Steaua de Mare). Because Gypsies are great musicians, enjoying an international reputation, you will also find their music here, in various forms, like the one combined with electronic music (Shukar Collective). We also have proposals including rap (Machanache), pop (Delia), party music in various interpretations (Taraful din Clejani) and reinterpretations (Feli). We didn’t forget to mention Romania’s Madonna (Loredana), who is also in the jury of the TV show “Voice of Romania”.

Let the music speak!









Feli & The TM Groove


Suie Paparude






Maria Raducanu


Steaua de Mare


Shukar Collective


Taraful din Clejani



Maria Tanase






Tudor Gheorghe



Anda Calugareanu

And finally, we propose a Maria Tanase song, adopted and performed by the famous Pink Martini band.

Pink Martini