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  • Martisor as Authentic Romanian Tradition

    As March 1st is here, it is almost compulsory to speak about such a beautiful Romanian tradition as spring forerunner. The season down is celebrated differently in villages of Romania, but two things remain unchanged: the red and white color of the string that calls for revival: Martisor. What Martisor tradition is? Martisor is a red and white knitted cord connected with the spring and the nature...

    Martisor as Authentic Romanian Tradition
  • Why you should travel to rural Romania?

    Rural Transylvania, European Destination of Excellence! If you have ever wondered if you should travel to rural Transylvania or why rural Romania is so special, well, we have also a formal motivation besides the personal one: Marginimea Sibiului from Sibiu rural area is European Destination of Excellence for Tourism and Local Gastronomy in 2015! What is EDEN and why you should take it as referral...

    Why you should travel to rural Romania?
  • Romanian Autumn Traditions

    In Romania autumn is a season that can be expressed in one word: wealth. As one travels through Romania can see beautiful hay stacks spread over the hills, fruit trees are beautiful coloured, fields are are covered with corn, vineyards are burden with the essence of future to be wine: grapes. Up, on the top of the hills, shepherds bring their flocks in the village, bringing their cheese goodies Having...

    Romanian Autumn Traditions